I am an assistant professor in department of mathematics, University of Connecticut. I am also a researcher in probability theory and mathematical physics.



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  1. PI for NSF DMS-1608896 2016-2019 100K USD
  2. PI for Simons Collaboration Grant-351813 2015-2020 35K USD (voluntarily declined after 1st year)
  3. NSF DMS 1643027, PI: Rinat Ridem, 4000 USD, awarded 2017 for participating IHP trimester Combinatorics and Interactions
  4. Co-PI for NSF conference grant DMS-1823060 2018-2019 49998 USD


Education and Employments


  1. 2006-2011, Ph.D student, department of mathematics, Brown University. Advisor: Richard Kenyon


  1. 2011-2014, research fellow, department of pure mathematics and mathematical statistics, University of Cambridge, UK
  2. 2014-present, assistant professor, department of mathematics, University of Connecticut